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Patriot EZ Loader

Now in Four Colors

EZ Loaders

Black, Blue, Forest Green, OD Green

(colors can vary slightly from batch to batch)

See more images below

(This does not fit the CMMG magazine for the MK4/AR15 Lower Half unit as it is a different size mag well. As well it does not fit other Brands or variations. No refunds if you order incorrectly.)


Instructions on How to Use

See our Guarantee below

See Reviews



This is for the CMMG AR15 Bolt Conversion for 22LR Ammo Magazine (a 3D printed solution).

See this YouTube Video for an Overview of this Patriot EZ Loader https://youtu.be/0B15CRCbNko

See YouTube video for Review of 3 different EZ Loaders at https://youtu.be/94VHXw4UbyA


 $18 with Free shipping within the Continental (Lower 48) United States.

Quantity Discounts - Buy 2 or more and get 10% off.


  Guarantee - We warrant these up to 90 days for normal use and wear. Misuse is not covered.

We will replace a unit or refund your purchase price.


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Also available on ebay logo. A couple $ more due to selling & listing fees. Still FREE shipping.
Great option for those who have eBay memberships, gift cards, credits, or discount coupons.


Order Direct from Me

This should open your email program to send me an email.
Tell me how Many you want, Color, email address to bill to, and what Name and Address to ship to.

See below for notes on how we are handling payments via PayPal

If this doesn't open an email, send your request to this email address:  GarysOutdoors1@gmail.com
Tell me how many you want and what email address to bill to, and what address to ship to.


These are made of '3D-Fuel' PLA Pro (made in USA) which has excellent durability.

Also you have the option to order on eBay at this link

which is a good option for those who have a membership or discounts they can use.


CAUTION: Because of the horseshoe shape of this the legs can break if stressed too much. All plastic parts are subject to that. So, don't squeeze or pull apart the legs any more than needed to fit onto the magazine. It handles that very easily. We considered adding extra support to the back of the legs at the bottom but found that would not allow the flexibility needed to easily flex and fit over the magazine and get a tight fit that allows this to work as well as it does. If you throw this in your range bag, backpack or anywhere that it may be compressed or bent by packing or handling, put the piece of Styrofoam we ship with it between the legs to help keep them from bending too much.


Order Yours Today!

This should open your email program to send an email.
Tell me how Many you want, Color, email address to bill to, and what address to ship to.

If this doesn't open an email, send your request to this email address:  GarysOutdoors1@gmail.com


= = = = Reviews = = = =


I received it yesterday and I love it! It works so well and makes loading so much easier. Great design! Fast shipping too!  DJN

Perfect!!  eBay buyer

Awesome! Just what I needed!  eBay buyer

Awesome product and super fast ship!!!!  eBay buyer

Gary as a fellow veteran, I’m proud to do business with you. At 70 years of age I watched you video describing your device. I had just ordered a 22 conversion kit from PSA that comes with 3 25 round magazines.. loading these magazines would certainly be a challenge for me. I decided to give your device a try. I just received my kit and was able to actually use your EZ loader.. very nice design and well worth its cost. For anyone who buys one of Cmmg .22 AR conversion kit w/magazine, you need one of Gary’s Patriot EZ Loader…Tc from Nevada


Hey Gary, I too am a Veteran. I was contemplating getting the CMMG conversion kit. I never liked loading magazines, that's why I've always gotten speed loaders like the Maglula for my 9mm pistol magazines, & my AR-15 magazines. I know yours is not a speed loader, but neither are the two I mentioned. So, yours is finitely less expensive than the Mcfadden speed loader, which is very marginal at best!! I've seen a guy on YouTube do a video on it, and it's not all that good. I saw your other video on the comparisons. I'm glad you changed the design of the one you're making. Do you only take PayPal, of do you take credit/debit cards? Thanks, Jay


Hey Gary just wanted to say thanks ! I loaded up all my mags with the EZ loader and its fantastic !

Hope y’all have a blessed and prosperous new year!!  Thanks again, Roy



How we are handling Payments on PayPal

Since this is a new venture and we don't know how it will sell, we'll be conducting sales via email and sending invoices via PayPal.

The invoice will reflect to be from: Gary's Outdoors

Once that is paid we ship the next business day. So a day or two delay for handling that, then about 3 to 4 days shipping time.

Shipped via USPS 1st Class with Tracking.

If sales pick up enough, we will switch to e-commerce.



If for any reason you are not able to pay via PayPal directly contact me to set up a payment for you.

With the PayPal buttons below is how we are handling special orders at this time.
Contact me directly by telephone or email and I can process your orfer directly. DO NOT use this if you have not talked with me.


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