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Shoot 22LR through your AR15!

Yes, Really!

Depending on your need, 22LR can be far cheaper than 5.56 or .223


A Safe, Cheap, and Fun way to do some - Practice and Plinking

and gaining familiarity with your firearm.


* * * During Nov 2022 I will not be taking Orders or Shipping. * * *
I will be out for a family emergency. I expect to be back Nov 30.




to Make Loading Easier and Quicker:

Check Out our

Patriot EZ Loader for the CMMG AR15 Bolt Conversion for 22LR Ammo Magazine

Available in Four Colors

  EZ Loaders

Black, Blue, Forest Green, OD Green


(This does not fit the CMMG magazine for the MK4/AR15 Lower Half unit as it is a different size mag well. As well it does not fit other Brands or variations. No refunds if you order incorrectly.)

Always be Safe!



Information & Resource Links
and Links to information referred to in our YouTube videos.

This web site is about providing an ancillary resource to our YouTube subscribers and viewers.
Here we will provide additional information and links in regards to our YouTube videos.

For Our Outdoors Activities and Interests We Cover Three Main areas of Interest:

  1. Fishing
  2. Firearms
  3. RC Hobbies (Air, Ground & Water)

On occasion we may deviate to other fun Outdoors Activities.


This site, and the relative YouTube channel, are produced by Gary, and his two sons Pat & Mike.
Each of us individually has knowledge in each of the three areas of interest and we cover them as such. I'll make a separate Page to give backgrounds of each of us and our areas of expertise, or familiarity.

None of us claim to be experts in all things. We just want to share our knowledge with you. Including our mistakes!  We hope others will share their insights with us.



Are you into Woodworking and Crafts?    woodworking

Check out GLC_Logo at

www.GLCrafts.com and www.youtube.com/GaryLundgrenCrafts



Do you Love RC Aircraft and Land Vehicles?

Come Fly with Us!        jrclogo

Check out the Johnstown PA RC Club website at: www.JohnstownRC.org


Also see them on at this Link.

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